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Tiny Stories Contest Winners 2017

The winners will read their winning entries at Kaleidoscope Festival on August 12 in Town Centre Park. 

Adult Category:

First Place:

Waiting a Lifetime to Learn - Claire Lawrence

Mairu struggled to live. A long journey to freedom—Canada.. No time for learning, school. She washed floors to feed her family. She scrubbed pots for her children’s education. Her hands were gnarled when granddaughter taught her the letter, “a.” Her back was bent when she spelled her name. She was in a wheelchair when she learned to read, “O, Canada.”

                “Freedom is worth suffering,” she said. “Learning is my reward.”

Second Place: 

The Novelist - Erik D'Souza

Jazz music played as I worked on my second novel. There was a knock on the door and I ignored it. My young son entered anyways. “What ya doing?”

“Writing,” I said.

He sat on my lap and asked, “How can I be a writer like you when I grow up?”

I decided to take his question seriously. “First you have to learn how to cook,” I said. “Then you have to meet a nice girl with a good job, who has no idea how to cook.”

Young Adult Category:

First Place: 

When The Fields Turn Gold and My Hair Turns Silver - Ella Tian

Every year when fall rolls around, the old lady would stand at the edge of fields, waiting. The window rolls through her silver hair and the golden crops. She stays there from dawn to dusk, in the rain and in the sun. Young people asks her who she’s waiting for, and she would show them a picture of a young soldier and his sweetheart. “He promised he’ll be back when fields turn gold.” She tells them with a smile.

Second Place: 

The Wall between You and Me - Jung Hee Park

I sat in a stall of a public washroom, responding to the call of nature. Suddenly, a voice in the next stall said, “Hello?” There was no one else in here except for me, so I stammered back, “Uh, hi.” “How are you?” she asked. “Good, thank you,” I replied. “Have you eaten yet?” “No, I haven’t.” She seemed kind and friendly. “How are you doing?” I asked. She said, “Ken, just a second. Someone keeps on talking to me.”

Teen Category: 

First Place;

The Insect - Cassandra Feltrin

Ruby could lift things with her mind, and nobody knew about it. The ornate glass next to the phone would shoot up whenever she wished. Anything would. Was it strange that the bug with long antennas was always there to watch her through the window? What about when it seemed to stare at her, until her emerald-green eyes finally looked away…  It never seemed to matter, at least not until the day that it spoke to her.

Second Place: 

Her - Jonathan Kim

He was finally happy. All his life, he had waited to meet her. He embraced her, filled with joy. He whispered her name, unable to stop the torrent of emotions that he felt. He had everything he ever wanted. But the sun was setting. The graveyard gates were closing soon.

Child Category:

First Place: 

Fireball and The Sisters - Quinn Tsoukalas

On an island lived two sisters Emma and Quinn. They were happily playing in the woods one morning when a wolf started to chase them.  The girls ran screaming towards home when out of the sky their pet dragon Fireball, swooped down and saved them.  Fireball took them home and circled back to catch the wolf. Later that night they sat down to a delicious dinner of dragon roasted wolf and marshmallows.

Second Place: 

The Jungle Mix-Up -    Michela Beuthin

Two girls, Ellie & Mia were bored, so they snuck out, into the jungle. A black bear came, and blocked their path. They screamed, and ran away. Just as they thought they were safe, deadly snakes hung from vines and hissed at them. They ran into the heart of the forest and fell in a hole, but monkeys brought them back to land. They ran back the way they came, and realized it was their own backyard! 

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