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Middle Schoolers ONLY Summer Reading Club


Each year, our independent reading club welcomes kids who have finished grades 5, 6, 7 and 8… and no one else!

For the summer of 2017, registration starts on June 1st! To register, please go to the Information desk at either branch. All we need is your name, the grade you just finished, and the middle school you attend, or will attend.

When you register, we will give you a few book review forms. Each time you finish a book during the summer, you can fill out one of the review forms. 

On the front, we are looking for the title of the book you are reviewing, the author, the rating you give the book (out of five stars), your name, your phone number and your e-mail address.

On the back, please write a short book review running four sentences or so. The review should include some details about what happens in the book, whether you liked it, and why. When you're finished, submit the form to staff at the information desk.

The first review you write will automatically win a prize. The prizes are generally trade paperback books -- brand new ones from a bookstore. From time to time, we will sprinkle in other types of prizes of similar value.

Reviews after the first one you write will be entered into weekly draws held throughout the summer. The first draw will be in early July. Winners will be notified by e-mail or by phone -- so double-check that you include your contact information before you submit your reviews! 

You can pick up additional review forms anytime during the summer by dropping by the information desk. Alternately, you can print more forms at home using this template:

Review Form

Questions? Call Chris at 604-554-7339, or email cmiller@coqlibrary.ca
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