MiFi Lendable Hotspot

MiFi Hotspot

Get Internet on the go! MiFi lendable hotspots provide a secure, reliable wireless connection and enable you to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere. Place a hold.

Loan period is 14 days with up to 2 renewals. 
*Renewals are only available when there is no one waiting on the holds list

Getting Started

On the hotspot
  1. Turn on the lendable hotspot by pressing the power button
    • If it doesn't turn on, use the power cable to charge it.
  2. Tap on WiFi Name/Password
On your device
  1. Open the WiFi settings
  2. Look for and select the MiFi (hotspot) network
  3. Enter the password that's listed on the hotspot
  4. Connect to the network


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