Library Giving Day

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Hey Neighbour!

Coquitlam Public Library is a proud member of the Coquitlam Community. Within its walls, people of all ages, backgrounds, and needs connect with one another, learn new things, discover new interests, and expand their horizons.

This April 6th, consider taking part in Library Giving Day: a national day to support your local library by making a donation.

Support comes in all sizes – take Hanyu! Hanyu created his own comics and donated the proceeds to our library not once, but twice! We were so grateful that we caught up with the artist for quick interview in-between his last and next great creation.


What comics do you love?
Recently, I love reading Maker Comics: Grow a Garden! the most! 

Why did you start drawing comics? What inspired you?
Because I like making my own story. History gives me ideas, especially, World War 1 & 2. I make at least 3 comics a week!

Why did you want to donate to Coquitlam Library?
Because you are my neighbour! 

On top of our funding from the City of Coquitlam, donations help the Library to expand our collections, provide new technology resources, and reach out and connect with our community where and how they need it.

Your gift could:

• Help Children develop early literacy skills and a love for books
• Support local entrepreneurs through access to cost-prohibitive resources and technology
• Aid newcomers in learning English or finding homes, friends, and their first local jobs

You can support us at

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