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Daisy Player

Centre for Equitable Library Access

CELA-logoCentre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) provides accessible library services for Coquitlam residents with print disabilities. Service is open to all ages and includes books, magazines and newspapers delivered by mail and digital formats delivered by email.

Register online or contact us at 604-554-7335

Interlink: Accessible Collections

InterLINKThe Library is a member of the InterLINK Library partnership through which customers can access even more materials in accessible formats. This collection is available through interlibrary loan and includes:


In addition to our local audiobook collection for individuals with print disabilities, customers can also request Audiobooks from other libraries in the lower mainland via interlibrary loan. 

Braille Books for Children

There is a small collection of braille books for children available in the Lower Mainland. For more information or to place a request, please contact


Contact us at 604-554-7335 or