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Display Case - CC
Display Case - Poirier

City Centre branch (left)

  • 1 case with 4 shelves. Each shelf is 34" x 34"
  • 1 case with 2 shelves. Each shelf is 14" x 34"

Poirier branch (right)

  • 2 cases, each with 2 shelves. Each shelf is 14" x 34"

Display Case Policies

  • Displays are limited to works of art, crafts, artifacts and archival material.
  • Exhibitors must be based in the Tri-Cities.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for setting up and taking down their display. The Library may take down a display early when necessary.
  • Items must remain in the display case for the full duration of the exhibit. Works will be displayed for one month unless otherwise arranged.
  • Exhibitors are expected to fill the entire display case at their selected branch.
  • While the Library takes all reasonable precautions to protect items, we are not responsible for any items that may be stolen or damaged.
  • Exhibitors may include item title and price where applicable. However, Library staff will not be involved in any sales between artist and purchaser.

Apply to Show a Display

*Next availability for both display cases is in early 2025.
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When setting up your exhibit, please include an informational poster with the name of your exhibit and, if your pieces are for sale, how members of the public can contact you. The library is not involved in any sales or communication between the public and exhibitors.


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