Bid Opportunities

Coquitlam Public Library utilizes a competitive bidding process to secure goods and services wherever required, to obtain maximum benefits for its expenditures. Procurement activities are to be carried out in a manner that enhances competitive bidding so that required materials or services are obtained in a timely manner, in the desired quantity, of the desired quality, and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Please check below for information about individual active opportunities, including submission instructions and guidelines, and closed opportunities that have been awarded.

Current Opportunities

Opportunity Posting Date Closing Date  Status
No active opportunities. Please check back later.      

Awarded, Pending or Closed Opportunities 

Opportunity Posting Date Closing Date  Status
Consultation Services for Cloud Systems  Oct. 4, 2023 Oct. 27, 2023  Closed 
External Consultant for Departmental Structuring  Oct. 4, 2023  Oct. 27, 2023  Closed 
Strategic Plan Development
Mar. 8, 2022 Apr. 4, 2022 at 12:00 pm PST  Awarded to Roots and Rivers Consulting 
IT Infrastructure Equipment and Installation Services Oct. 12, 2021  Oct. 29, 2021 Awarded to X10 Networks
 IT Infrastructure Equipment and Installation Services 
 Jul. 22, 2021 Aug. 13, 2021 Closed
Mission, Vision, Values Review  Jun. 24, 2021  Jul. 9, 2021 Awarded to WIK*D 
Cleaning Services - City Centre   Feb. 19, 2020  Mar. 18, 2020  Awarded to Integral Hospitality 
Cleaning Services - Poirier  Feb. 19, 2020  Mar. 18, 2020  Awarded to Integral Hospitality 
Website Redesign 
Oct. 21, 2019 Nov. 18, 2019 Awarded to Graphically Speaking


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