Kanopy Ticket System Coming Soon

Kanopy Tickets

Starting November 1, 2023, Kanopy play credits will be replaced by a ticket system. Instead of 10 play credits per month/per user, customers will be allotted 30 tickets each month.

Every title available on Kanopy will include information on the number of tickets required to view and the duration of access. Customers get to choose what, when, and how they spend their tickets. A variety of credit-free content including Kanopy Plus Packs will also be available and will show as 0 tickets. Ticket allotments renew every month, however, unused credits do not roll over.

When a customer registers or logs in to Kanopy after November 1, they will see a pop-up explaining the new ticket system.

Kanopy is a streaming service that offers films, documentaries, video courses, and children's content for free through your library. Access is restricted to Coquitlam residents with a library card.

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