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Customer Satisfaction Survey

My name is Rachel and I am a Librarian with CPL’s Programming and Community Connections Department. In addition to planning and coordinating in-person and online events, I am also a member of the Library’s team that created and launched our Customer Satisfaction Survey. However, satisfaction is only one iota of what we are trying to identify and measure with this survey!

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is one part – a small first step – in a larger project to measure the Library’s progress in meeting a set of outcomes that we want to make for our organization and our community. We set some lofty goals. Specifically, the Library wants to:

  1. Increase satisfaction with Coquitlam Public Library overall
  2. Increase satisfaction around meeting community needs
  3. Improve connections between people, resources and ideas
  4. Increase awareness of library services, programs and partnerships
  5. Demonstrate the impact of Library services and programs out in the community

We knew there were a few challenges to knowing if we were successful in accomplishing these goals! Specifically, we knew:

  • We couldn’t answer these questions ourselves! We need our customers to provide us with feedback about their satisfaction and awareness of Library collections, programs, and services
  • We would need to ask a lot of the right questions in order to measure complex ideas such as overall library satisfaction
  • We needed to measure these achievements over time! In order to see if we can achieve an increased level of satisfaction, we needed to establish a baseline or benchmark and then conduct a second measure once we reviewed and responded to customer feedback

We spent many months creating the survey. From the responses, we will learn what we are doing well, how we can improve, and what we can never change (for fear of the wrath of our customers).

Please take approximately 5 – 7 minutes to share your feedback and your voice by completing the survey. Your responses mean we can improve, better meet community needs, and continue to make an impact out in our community. 

If you have any questions about this project or you are interested in learning more, please contact me at rburke@coqlibrary.ca. Always happy to chat surveys and evaluation!

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