Madeline E. Shares Some Library Spooks

Halloween Spiders

Hi there! My name is Madeline and I work in the Customer Experiences department. You may know me from the Staff Book Talks on Facebook every Thursday, or perhaps you’ve read my story about the Library Link on our new website.

Customer Experiences is the department in charge of everything related to customer service and circulation of materials. For example, when you come to the front desk to ask a question about your account, you’re dealing with the Customer Experiences department.

Today was a very special day because we decorated the Library for Halloween! Halloween is a particular favourite of mine and just the sight of pumpkins fills me with joy. Something I love about my job is providing experiences for customers that are fun and memorable, so they will want to return. I think that hanging a giant spider up from the ceiling qualifies as one of those moments. 

Currently, the sorting machine at the City Centre branch is out of use and all materials must be returned in our drop boxes outside. This is so we can quarantine materials before placing them back on the shelf. So it seemed destined that this be the spot for our eight-legged friend and her many webs. 

With help from my coworkers, we attached the spider with string to the overhang. Then we spread out the webs along the counter, and created a trail of plastic spiders leading to the machine. Luckily, this display was deemed “spooky” but not “scary” and was met with approval by a few curious young customers who came to have a look. 

Another part of my job that I love is recommending material to customers!

If you would like to celebrate the spooky season outside of the Library, here are some recommendations for you to devour:

On the online movie-streaming platform Kanopy*, I would recommend watching: Rosemary’s Baby, Nosferatu, and Pan’s Labyrinth for something on the scary-side.  

For some nostalgia, you could revisit the 1960s TV classic Dark Shadows on Hoopla*, which hosts movies, books, and music.

On CloudLibrary, our primary eBook service, I would recommend reading: Her Body and Other Parties, Dracula and/or Carmilla, and The Haunting of Hill House (for adults). Coraline, Amelia Fang, and A Monster Calls (for children).

Halloween will be different this year (as will many other holidays and experiences we will encounter), but I know we will all adapt, be creative, and have fun!

*Note: Kanopy and Hoopla are licensed for Coquitlam residents only

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