Why the Library Link is important

LL #3 -Neighbourhood Nights
By: Donna Clark-MacMurchy

The Library Link provides a service to our community that our two brick and mortar branches simply can’t. It does this by going out to the Coquitlam Community and bringing the Library to those who don’t have the ability or time to go to our two physical branches. It also links the community to the on-line branch. 

In the Summer the Link goes to local parks offering books and sharing information on services the Coquitlam Public Library and its partners provide. During the school year the Link goes to local primary schools that have Strong Start programs and augments the reading material for early learners.

Pre-pandemic, the Link held a library card blitz where it went to a number of the elementary schools and issued new library cards to children in the community, so they too could enjoy the services Coquitlam Public Library provides.

The Library Link is nearing the end of its lifespan. In the future, we want to continue to expand service in the community, bringing the Coquitlam Public Library everywhere it needs to be. It can be a first contact for newcomers, or it can provide that wonderful experience of checking out a book for the very first time to our youth.  

The Link also provides a hot spot for those needing free wifi, and as technology changes and improves, the Library Link will continue to adapt to the needs of our community. 

The Link can be seen at other special occasions in the community too, like at Canada Day, the Teddy Bear Picnic, Lights at Lafarge, Daisy Days, Neighbourhood Nights and more. 

LL #3 -Canada Day LL #3 -Teddy Bear LL #3 -Lights at Lafarge
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