Home Delivery is a Special Service

by Joyce Quach | Oct 04, 2020

My name is Rachel and I am a Librarian with the Library’s Programming and Community Connections Department. In addition to planning and coordinating in-person and online events, I am also the coordinator for the Library’s Home Delivery Service.

Home Delivery is a special service that the Library offers to Coquitlam residents. We are committed to providing our community with resources – whether for entertainment or learning -- and that means we are constantly seeking to identify barriers that might be impeding our customers from accessing and using our resources, services and spaces.

For many people, visiting the library is not an option due to limitations related to mobility – for example customers with reduced mobility related to long-term or temporary illness, injury, or age.  To address this barrier, the Library is happy to bring customers the material that they need. This service looks a little different depending on the need of each customer.

It could be a short-term arrangement. For example, a customer might have recently broken their leg and are unable to travel to the Library, but they are able to place holds on the material that they need. We are happy to provide the legwork and conduct the delivery.

It could also be a long-term service. For example, the Library is also able to select new material for customers, delivering the material to their door every four weeks. We create a portfolio for these customers at registration and use these preferences to personally select books we think they might enjoy. We have a lot of fun preparing these orders.

In light of the current health crisis, we have made many changes to this service:

  • We have expanded eligibility of this service to any Coquitlam resident, age 60+, in addition to customers living with a disability or experiencing injury or illness.
  • We have introduced new health and safety considerations to reduce or eliminate risks related to COVID-19

If you have any questions about this service or you are interested in registering, please don’t hesitate to contact me at rburke@coqlibrary.ca.