What to read, watch or listen to next

by Joyce Quach | Dec 07, 2020

My name is Vanessa and I’m the Information Services Librarian in the Customer Experiences Department. I provide Customer Experiences staff with the training and support that they need to assist customers. One area in which staff assist library customers (at a 2-metre distance) is with what’s known in the library biz as “reader’s advisory”: in other words, book suggestions.

The Library provides themed book displays as well as suggestions in the form of lists posted to social media and our weekly Facebook Live Book Talks. Themed booked displays can be found throughout the year at either of our two branches, commemorating holidays and highlighting the various cultural groups that have contributed to our community. Themed book lists can be found in our catalogue.

Bright and colourful themed lists of suggestions are posted regularly on our social media channels: namely, Twitter and Facebook. These include eReads, film and TV, and music that do what our displays do as well as provide suggested titles that can help you pass the time, learn a life skill, or find the support you need during these tough times.

The Library’s weekly virtual book talks are broadcast live every Thursday at 11:30 am via the Coquitlam Public Library Facebook page; starting in January, they will be moving to Wednesdays. Join us then!

For more information about these reading, watching, and listening resources as well for any suggestions, you can contact me at ask@coqlibrary.ca.