Introducing the Teen Advisory Council

by Joyce Quach | Jan 10, 2021

At the Library, volunteer opportunities for teenagers fall into two categories:
1) tutoring younger students; and
2) assisting staff with the planning of programs and services for youth.

With a focus on reading, homework assignments and building French language skills, our tutoring programs are popular, but I’d like to talk about the other volunteer category today.

It is represented by a single group called the Teen Advisory Council (TAC). Composed of Tri-Cities students from middle school and high school, the TAC meets monthly on the Library’s Zoom account. I host and supervise the meetings, which typically attract 15 to 20 teens.

Over the years, TAC members have organized some landmark programs, including hugely successful Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Activities, Open Mic Arts Cafés, and the 2019 Coquitlam Library Anime Convention. Though I help with planning, publicity and general oversight, in the end, many of the programs are truly teen-led and teen-delivered. They are things that Library staff could not have run on their own.

In the New Year, we may see an expansion of the TAC role to include more feedback about library collections and services. Members decide on the amount of time they want to commit to the group. The more you can help, however, the more satisfaction you will derive from your efforts!

If you’re interested in joining the TAC, please e-mail me – Librarian Chris Miller.

We are always happy to welcome new members. Note that I stay in touch by e-mail. Members typically receive two or three messages a month.

So if you want to make the Library a better place for youth, please join the TAC! I look forward to meeting you.