Calling All Trivia Enthusiasts

by Joyce Quach | Jan 17, 2021

Hi Everyone! This week’s blog is about the Trivia Nights program with the Library.

This was an idea that the programming staff came up with at the beginning of the pandemic when we were considering programs that we could host online. We wanted to create a program that people could have fun with.

Through this program, we have created a small community of trivia enthusiasts, many of whom join us for every event.

During one of the trivia nights, we noticed that there were families attending with children who wanted to participate, but the questions were a bit hard for them. Seeing this, we have expanded the program to include Family Trivia Nights as well.

We have had many themed trivia nights including Harry Potter, pop culture, summer fun, cartoons, Halloween, novels and much more. We hope you join us and become regulars, too!

Upcoming Trivia Nights
January 28 - New Year Retrospective
February 25 - Lord of the Rings
March 25 - Terrific Teen Fiction Edition

Upcoming Family Trivia
February 11 - Super-Fun Family Trivia Night: The Sensational Sagas of Dav Pilkey
March 11 - Super-Fun Family Trivia Night: Amazing Animal Facts 

For more information about our Trivia Nights, contact Aman.