Meet Kimberly Sivak, Library Board Trustee

by Joyce Quach | Mar 07, 2021

I am very excited to be joining the Coquitlam Library Board this year.  I feel like a "long-time listener, first-time caller”: I've been a very active user and fan of the Coquitlam Public Library for years, but this is my first time stepping up to more actively support the Library by participating in its governance. I ultimately decided to join the Board because:

1) The magnetic pull of the Library's awesomeness.  My family and I are very active users of the library's programming, events, resources, and books, as we truly love all it has to offer.  The Coquitlam Public Library is really an amazing public resource, so much so that I wanted to be a part of it.

2) Knowledge and literacy.  The value of knowledge development and literacy (of all types) can not be emphasized enough.  Several years ago I planted a Little Free Library in my neighborhood (check out if you aren't yet familiar with Little Free Libraries).  However, I wanted to do more; I wanted to help foster knowledge and literacy beyond just the paper books in my Little Free Library.

3) Participating in my community.  If I want a strong, thriving community, I need to help make that happen.  I can't just sit back and always let others do the work.  Sometimes it's my time to step up and contribute to making my community a better place.

4) Books.  We all know the library is so much more than just books.  However, I'll be honest: I love talking about books.  And being surrounded by books.  And being around others who might feel the same way.  And not surprisingly, the topic of books does come up often at meetings.  I love it.

I look forward to getting to know more about the community the Library serves, what patrons and community members would like to see happen at the Library, and how the Library could better serve your needs and dreams!