Virtual Reality


Try Virtual Reality

Interact with computer-generated environments like outer space, under the ocean, atop a building and more. Drop-in to use our HTC VIVE headset and motion-tracked hand controllers at City Centre branch's Innovation Hub. 


Upcoming Sessions 

Drop-In - 2:00-4:00 pm

Oct. 22 - Part of our Tech Toys Expo 
Nov. 19 - Action Games: Archery, SuperHot and Escape Room
Dec. 17 - Family Games: Plank, Beat Saber and Fruit Ninja


Our virtual reality experience is for adults and teens age 13 and up. Before starting a session:
  • Participants age 18+ must sign a waiver.
  • Participants age 13-17 must have parents or guardian sign a waiver. 
Each VR session is approximately 15 minutes. VR headset and hand-held controllers are sanitized between each use. Participants must wear a face mask. A disposable hygienic eye mask will be provided.

Virtual Reality Games

  • Action & Adventure

  • Explore and Learn

  • Just For Fun

  • Short Films

Immersive Reality Books

Want to try virtual reality from home? Borrow one of our immersive reality books and virtual reality goggles. Learn more »


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