Scary Story Contest 

Scary Story Contest 2023

We asked you to terrify us with a story drawn from the most diabolical depths of your imagination. And you sure delivered! 

Drum roll, please! The winners of the 2023 Scary Story Contest are...

11 to 14 Winners

Place Story Title Author Age City
First Place  A Broken Heart  Jalian Jiang  14  Coquitlam 
Second Place Anne  Oonah Barnes 13  Coquitlam 
Third Place The Window  Stanley Xin  12  Coquitlam
Honourable Mention The Asylum  Minami Pietri  14  Port Moody
Honourable Mention Under the Bed  Iris Quinn  14  Coquitlam 

15 to 18 Winners

Place Story Title Author Age City
First Place  Survivor  Hannah McIntosh 17  Coquitlam 
Second Place The Resurrectionist  Ariadne Zheng 16  Port Moody 
Third Place Burnt Rubber Ben Tarling  16 Coquitlam

Special thanks to writer and editor Richard Dal Monte in his role as Senior Judge.

The Scary Story Contest is a partnership between Coquitlam Public Library and Port Moody Public Library. Winners received gift cards and their name published online. For questions about the Scary Story Contest, please contact Librarian Chris Miller at