Hoopla BingePasses Have Arrived

BingePass Library News

Hoopla digital media service just got better! In addition to its current collection of audiobooks, eBooks, comics, music, TV and movies, Coquitlam Public Library cardholders can now borrow a Magazine BingePass or a Great Courses BingePass from Hoopla.

What is a BingePass?

A BingePass is a collection of items available under one borrow and gives the borrower unlimited access to all items within that collection for a full 7 days. Each BingePass borrow will only count as one credit from your monthly allotment of 7 credits. There are no holds or waits for borrowing a BingePass.

Magazine BingePass

Borrowing a Magazine BingePass gets you unlimited access for 7 days to current issues of 50+ popular and in-demand magazine titles. Read magazines on your computer or device, or play a magazine article aloud using listen mode. If you wish to print a specific magazine article, you can do so by accessing your Magazine BingePass on a web browser.

Read the latest issues of Car and Driver, Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Esquire, Food Network, Good Housekeeping, Hello Canada, Maclean’s, Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest, Sports Illustrated and more.

The Great Courses BingePass

Borrowing a Great Courses BingePass gets you unlimited access for 7 days to hundreds of courses from The Great Courses series. Work on a whole course or jump between multiple courses. Each course is broken into multiple easy-to-watch video lessons and includes in-depth instruction from some of the world’s greatest professors.

Learn about topics like archaeology, world history, politics, religion, zoology, engineering, music, astronomy, social sciences, robotics and so much more.

Get Access Now

If you already have a library card with Coquitlam Public Library, sign up for a Hoopla account to get started. Don’t have a library card yet? Register online or in-person at one of our locations.

After registering and logging in to Hoopla on a computer, BingePasses can be found listed under the ‘Browse’ button. If you access Hoopla using their mobile app, update your app or uninstall and reinstall your app to view BingePasses under the ‘More’ tab. You can also type “BingePass” into the search bar. More BingePass categories to come in the New Year.

Hoopla Digital is licensed for Coquitlam residents only.
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