Three new lendable tech items are ready for you at Coquitlam Public Library

Radon Detector News

Get to know our three new lendable tech items, available to borrow now from Coquitlam Public Library. 

Test your home for radon levels, check out a portable hotspot, or use a Happy Light Lamp to fight the effects of the "winter blues."

Test radon levels in your home with a radon detector

As a partner of the BC Lung Association’s library lending program, Coquitlam Public Library is proud to announce that Radon Detectors are now available to borrow.

Radon is a radioactive gas produced by the breakdown of uranium in the ground. It can enter your home undetected through cracks and gaps in floors, walls, windows, and doors. All homes naturally have some level of radon gas, and long-term exposure to a high level of radon is the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. Radon is colourless and odorless, so the only way to know how much radon is in your home is to test. Radon detecting kits are an easy screening tool that provide a snapshot of radon levels in a home, allowing you to take action in making your house a safer space.

With 5 units available to borrow, you can make a plan to test your home today.

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Stay connected with a Wi-Fi hotspot

Tired of using your cellphone’s data when you’re away from your home internet? Need Wi-Fi for a project but don’t want the commitment of signing up for a full internet plan? Try our newest lendable tech – MiFi.

MiFi is a personal hotspot that provides a secure, reliable wireless connection, allowing you to connect a mobile-enabled device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to the Internet.  The hotspot is portable, so you can connect your device almost anywhere.

Each device can be borrowed for up to 14 days, with two renewals. Each device can connect to up to 15 devices at once, and will stay running for up to 24 hours on a single charge.

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Beat the "winter blues" with a Happy Light Lamp

15% of all Canadians will experience some level of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when our days become shorter – this can show up as low energy, depression, and sleep disorders. Sure, this year we did have an extended summer... but the grey days have begun and many Coquitlam residents may start to feel a little blue. If you can't make like a snowbird and head to sunnier locales, why not try one of our new Happy Lights?

Happy Lights are portable LED lamps that are commonly used to treat SAD. They have two different hues and three different brightness levels so you can find the setting most comfortable for you. Their timer allows you to customize the length of your session. Simply turn on your light therapy lamp and sit near it 15-30 minutes, and get a little reprieve from winter. Combine that with a cozy blanket, exciting new book from our catalogue, and you’re ready for the long dark nights of the next 3-4 months.

These lamps are available to borrow at our City Centre and Poirier branches, and on the Library Link.

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