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Bringing Joy to the Community

Library Link Interior
By: Aleisha Smith

We are at the end of the Library Link blog takeover, but definitely not at the end of the Link. Throughout the years, the Link has proved its dedication to service and bringing joy to the community, here are some examples:

1. When the Poirier branch underwent renovations in 2008/2009, the Link was there to ensure continuous service to the community. Robyn was one of the staff members working at that time. She recalls, “The bus was not yet wrapped in the CPL logo, but was an old faded blue bus that provided a pickup service for Poirier patrons to collect their holds. It was the middle of the winter and was so cold in the bus, even with the heat on, that we would wear our thermal boots and wool coats to keep warm. The heat was propane and we plugged into a huge generator for power. After the renovation, the bus was then wrapped with our logo and planning was in place for what it was originally purchased for. Brrrr is my biggest memory.” The cold weather did not stop them from having fun, however. She also remembers them wrapping the book bus in lights to celebrate the holiday season. 

2. When the original vehicle was lost in a fire in 2015, staff did whatever it took to continue the Library Link service. According to staff member Anthea, the library received an “outpouring of comments from the neighbourhoods [it] served that did not want to lose their beloved “Book Bus”. The staff were going out in a rented van with bins that they would carry inside to makeshift spaces. It struck me that the service was first and foremost about the personal connections our staff were creating in the community.”

3. During the time of COVID-19, Coquitlam Public Library had to adapt. The Link was, and continues to be, essential during this time. This is evident to staff and community members. Here are some comments:

The Link has been essential during the pandemic. The ability to bring items to neighbourhoods has helped prevent excess travel. It would be amazing to have a new vehicle. – Barbara, Staff

Now during COVID-19 we are on the road 7 days a week. The Link has been more important than ever to keep our community connections going during this isolating time, and it helps keep people safe with curbside pickup in their neighbourhoods without having to travel. – Anthea, Staff

I have been going to the Library Link since the age of 4. I am currently in 7th grade and still continues (sic) to go there. . . I still remember my first experience at the library link. 4 year old me, thought this place was amazing, there was a truck filled with a whole library full of so many stories. My brother was just born around this time, he is 9 years old now. I’ve watched him grow so much in the reading world throughout the years. . . I am so thankful that Coquitlam Libraries continues to provide the community with a safe way to check out books during this hard time – Clarissa C. May 2020, Community member

Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of our sponsors and partners. As Anthea explains, “the partnership with School District 43 and the StrongStart program is super important (in non-COVID times, of course). Also, the City of Coquitlam has been really helpful in setting us up at their parks and inviting us to their Neighbourhood Nights and other events, including Canada Day, where they always give us a prime spot.”

So, thank you to our partners and everyone who visits the Link for making this service possible. We hope the Link continues to bring smiles to faces for a long time. 

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